Q. Can i register for free ?
R. Findasubby allows you to create a profile for every trades person, we charge a one off fee of £10 for tradespeople and £100 for companies. This is a annual subscription.
Q. What information need to put alot of information on my profile ?
R. As much as possible is our answer, the more information a company or employer can see about you the more likely they are to contact you for work
Q. What is the Availability calendar ?
R. The Availability calendar is your very own availability calendar which shows if you are free to be contacted for work, for example we set it to default to green position, this means you are available
for work immediately.  Should your current status change and you start a long job then it is your responsability to change the status to not available.
Q  Will i get in trouble if i do not change my status colour ?
R. We operate a three strike rule on this matter, it is upto you to manage your own availability calendar, employers contact you based on it so it alsways best to keep it as up to date as possible.